Whatsapp allows 50 people video calls in the upcoming update

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Due to the COVID situation, we are all aware that the market for online meetings and classrooms is getting pretty competitive. As a result, Google introduced the Google Meet and so did Facebook launched Messenger Rooms to accommodate the situation. Seems like Messenger Rooms aims to provide a seamless ecosystem with Facebook-related applications including Instagram, Whatsapp, and also Link-based invitations to meetings. Facebook provided an overview of Messenger Rooms in the following Tweet.

Above all, Whatsapp used to had the limitation of a maximum of 4 person video calls at the same time. A month ago, they bring the support for a maximum of 8 person video calls which felt like a big jump over the previously allowed number of participants. According to WABetaInfo, Whatsapp Web will allow video chats of more than allowed people to be moved to Messenger Rooms (up to 50 people). It will even allow people non Messenger and Whatsapp account holders to join the meeting by sharing the link of the meeting with them. Facebook will directly allow creating a Messenger Room with a shareable link that can be shared with others. In contrast, Whatsapp will have an icon to allow Whatsapp Group to shift towards Messenger Rooms without any interruptions. The feature is currently in Beta phases and will be rolled out to the public in the future.

Messenger Rooms Icon
Messenger Rooms Introduction

Messenger Rooms Shotcut icon will be added to the Whatsapp Web, Android, and iOS. If you’ve signed up with the Google Play Beta Testing program, the WhatsappBeta is available to download and test for Android Devices. In our opinion, Messenger and Whatsapp are not the best in terms of providing the best fidelity audio and video chat experience. We feel like Google Duo, Google Meet, and Zoom really excelled in these departments. However, we’re excited to have a response from Facebook continuing to grow and provide an alternative solution to the online meetings. Moreover, allowing Whatsapp to join up to 50 members is a pretty big deal considering Apple’s Facetime already supports up to 32 members.

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