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Top 10 Earphones IN 5000 RS|Pakistan 2020

A Good Wired Earphone of around 5000 rupees could easily outperform a 10000 rupees Bluetooth Earphone. Yes, this is how much value a wired earphone provides.

I have compiled a list of the best-wired earphones in 5000 PKR in Pakistan. I have tried to be as unbiased as possible by taking into account the views of other people from Youtube, Banggood, Amazon reviews, and Blogs like Phonograph.

I will discuss all the factors I took into account in reviewing these earphones after the list.

I am going to rank them from my least favorite to favorite. So the earphone at 10th position is my least favorite in this list and the number 1 earphone is my favorite and is the best in terms of most of the factors.

Note: The number 7 (or No. 8) earphone could outperform a number 5 (or No. 4) earphone in sound quality. This is because the final rating is the average of Sound Quality, Build Quality, Durability, and Price/Performance or Value for Money.

Let’s get started.

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10) Skull Candy Smokin Buds 2

Price: 4500 PKR

These earphones barely made it to this list because of just how bad the durability of these earphones is. The sound is not great for the price either and it should be priced around 3500 in my opinion.

But still, the thing is Pakistan markets do not have a lot of Good Earphones to offer and that is why these earphones made this list. However, I still can’t recommend these earphones to anyone but to only those who love the brand SkullCandy.

I am neutral about these earphones, if you love Skull Candy, then buy these. If you have never bought any SkullCandy Earphones, don’t buy these either because I am going to recommend some great earphones on this list.

P.S. SkullCandy Titan is almost the same or even better but they are not available at every shop which is why I used SkullCandy Smokin Buds 2 which are easy to find.

SkullCandy Smokin Buds 2 (10th best earphone in Pakistan)-Whaddafudge

Sound Signature:

The sound is overall relatively balanced with recessed Mids. The Highs can be harsh sometimes and may provide some sibilance. The Bass and lows are pretty good, the bass is not like a lot of deep bass, but more on the punchy side. Definitely not for bass-heads.

Sound Quality: 7/10
Durability: 5/10

Build Quality: 6/10
Value for Money: 6/10
Overall Score: 6/10

Where to Buy:

Vmart Link

AllMy Tech Link

IShopping Link

9) JBL T290

Price: 4500 PKR

JBL T290 has a lot of popularity and sales which is probably due to the JBL name in the Portable Speakers World. But I think the earbuds are not bad and they were one of the best a few years ago.

But now that, there is a lot more competition in the earphones world, the JBL T290 is considered mediocre.

The packaging is average, they don’t last very long for some people and the sound is pretty average for the price.

JBL T290 (9th best earphone in 5000PKR)-whaddafudge

Sound Signature: Sound is definitely more focussed on the Mids and Highs. The bass is there but is not very pronounced despite the branding “Pure Bass”. Overall Clarity is better than SkullCandy Smokin Buds 2.

Sound Quality: 7.5/10
Durability: 6/10

Build Quality: 7/10
Value for Money: 6.5/10
Overall Score 6.8/10

Where to Buy:

Daraz Link

Telemart Link

IShopping Link

Shophive Link

8) 1More IM301

Price: 3500 PKR

1More has been dominating the audio market for some time with their 1More Triple Driver Earphones which are still the best at 65$. Xiaomi Earphones like Mi Hybrid or Mi Basic is also made by 1More.

1More 1M301 is no exception. The packaging is good unlike the last 2 on the list. They have a red color wire which is funky and is liked by some people.

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These are the earphones to get if you want to watch a lot of movies, TV series, Anime, and Youtube. I wish they were a little more durable. So do handle them with care if you decide to purchase them.

1More IM301 (8th best earphone in 5000 PKR)- whaddafudge

Sound Signature:

Sound Signature is more around the Mids and Vocals. The Mids are not like 100% clear but they get the job done.

The Highs are there and can be heard if you pay attention which might be a good thing for people who do not like a lot of Highs. The bass is not a lot, it is there and can be felt but don’t expect thumpy bass from these earbuds.

Sound Quality: 8/10
Durability: 6.5/10
Build Quality: 7.5/10
Value for Money: 7.5/10
Overall Score: 7.3/10

Where to Buy:

Daraz Link

Snapdeal Link

7) OnePlus Bullets V2

Price: 4500

OnePlus is one of the few brands that know how to deliver quality at a low price. The OnePlus Icons were a huge success and dominated this price segment.

The OnePlus bullets cost 20$ but they cost like 4500 rs in Pakistan, yeah the pricing sucks here. But even at that price, this can still be considered one of the best earphones.

OnePlus Bullets V2 (7th best earphones in 5000 PKR)-whaddafudge

Sound Signature:

The sound signature is close to flat considering the price. The Mids are pronounced and highs are pretty good, the bass or lows are subtle and the bass is there. This is not for bass heads either.

Sound Quality: 8.5/10
Durability: 7/10
Build Quality: 8/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Overall Score: 7.8/10

Where to Buy:

Torumart Link

Daraz Link

6) Sennheiser CX 1.00

Price: 5000 PKR

Sennheiser is a known brand among almost everyone, an audiophile, a casual listener, a shopkeeper, or a Gamer. This is probably due to their presence in a lot of budget categories and also they also have been in the audio game for a long time.

These earphones were released in 2014 and they are still not bad according to today’s standards. I mean I would never buy them as my favorite or go-to earphones.

But these Sennheiser earphones are small, fit in most people’s ears and they last a long time. This is why I like to have a pair of them in my collection.

If you are just starting to get a decent pair of earphones, these would not disappoint. But if you have already used something like Shure, KZ ZS10, or 1More Triple Driver, these are not for you.

These are still single driver so it is hard for them to produce the range of frequencies and sound stage equivalent to that of dual or triple driver earphones.

Sennheiser CX 1.00 (6th best earphones in 5000PKR)-whaddafudge

Sound Signature:

The sound signature is not flat. It is not V-shaped either. The bass or lows are on point, the bass is not thumpy. It is the kind of bass that is supposed to be in every quality earphones. But the bass is not for bass heads.

The Mids are clear but they are a little on the back and the Highs are clear, and a lot of them without being sibilant.

Sound Quality: 8.5/10
Durability: 9.5/10
Build Quality: 8/10
Value for Money: 7.5/10
Overall Score: 8.4/10

Where to Buy:

Telemart Link

Vmart Link

Daraz Link

Shophive Link

5) Sony MDR-EX255AP

Price: 3500 PKR

This is the next model over the Sony EX-155AP which I recommended in the Best earphones Under 3000 PKR. This is a big upgrade over those previous Earphones with almost the same V-Shaped sound signature.

This comes with a 12 mm driver instead of 9 mm on the EX-155. These are worth their price and they last a long time.

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The problem is its availability in Pakistan. So they are not available in a lot of stores. You can order them from Daraz Overseas shipping which works even in this Corona Virus situation, unlike AliExpress.

Sony MDR-EX255AP (5th best earphone in 5000 PKR)-whaddafudge

Sound Signature:

The sound signature is a really pleasant one here. The bass or lows are distributed over a lot of frequencies, which gives a deep bass effect.

The highs are just enough to please a normal listener. The Mids are laid back, clear but don’t have a lot of intensity.

Sound Quality: 8/10
Durability: 9/10
Build Quality: 8.5/10
Value for Money: 9/10
Overall Score: 8.6/10

Where to Buy:

Daraz Link

4) KZ ZSN/ZSN Pro (Dual Driver)

Price: 3100-4000 PKR

KZ is a really popular brand in making In-Ear Monitors (IEM) for a really Good Price/Performance. The KZ earphones provide so much value for money that we had to Give KZ ES4 the first spot in our List of Best Earphones Under 3000 PKR.

The KZ ZSN or ZSN pro are dual-driver earphones. One (Dynamic) driver handles the lows and low-mids and one (Balanced Armature) driver handles the upper-mids and highs.

One more benefit is that the cables are detachable, so if the cable doesn’t work anymore, you can just replace them. The cable is available for 800rs on So durability is not an issue of these earphones.

This time in the budget of 5K, we have two earphones from KZ, one is coming up. The KZ ZSN and ZSN Pro are not the same earphones, they are different models.

But due to the availability of one or the other in Pakistan, we decided to include both of them. Their sound signature is different.
But I am going to explain the sound signature of KZ ZSN Pro only, as it is available in right now.

The KZ ZSN although have a different sound signature but the sound quality of both earphones is on par with one another.

KZ ZSN PRO (4th best earphone in 5000rs Pakistan)-whaddafudge

Sound Signature:

The sound signature of KZ ZSN Pro is V-shaped. V-shaped means highs and lows are emphasized more than Mids.

The Bass is punchy and has can have a deep bass effect at some frequencies, the bass is plenty in my opinion. You can even increase the bass through EQ (Equalizer) because these earphones are great sounding even if you change the signature through Equalizer.

Most Earphones can not handle the EQ and they start suppressing other frequencies when the EQ is applied but the KZ ZSN or ZSN Pro does not.

The highs are really good, you can easily hear the separation between each guitar string. But it can get very sibilant, so you have to tune the highs through EQ for some tracks.

The Mids are clear and are not laid back, they are not distant and the vocals are good.

Sound Quality: 9/10
Durability: 8.5/10
Build Quality: 7.5/10
Value for Money: 10/10
Overall Score: 8.75/10

Where to Buy:

Daraz Link of KZ ZSN Pro

Daraz Link of KZ ZSN

Daraz Link of KZ detachable wire

3)Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2/ Quantie 2 (Dual Driver)

Price: 3600 PKR

These are one of the best earphones on this list and one of my personal favorite. If you don’t want to read a lot, just buy these. These are good for everything.

These earphones are also made by 1More for Xiaomi. Their naming scheme is terrible. The earphone’s packaging is really good and the earphones also have a braided cable.

The earphones head are made of metal and have a great build quality.

The sound quality is better than MI Hybrid Pro 1 and lower than Mi Pro HD. But for the price, the Price/Performance is even comparable to KZ earphones.

Mi In-Ear Pro 2/Quantie 2 (3rd best earphone in 5000pkr)-whaddafudge

Sound Signature:

The sound signature is V-shaped like most of the Xiaomi Earphones. The highs are really good with very little sibilance, the mids are clear and ok but not the strong point of these earphones.

The Bass response is really good and can even be tuned with EQ (Equalizer) without causing the earphones to lose any detail in the other frequencies. These are the best earphones in this list if you like to tune and use equalizer.

They have the best response to equalization out of all of these earphones in the list. So you can turn them into a bass-heads if you want.

Sound Quality:9/10
Durability: 8/10
Build Quality: 9/10
Value for Money: 9/10
Overall Score: 8.75/10

Where to Buy:

Daraz Link

Xiaomi Link link

KZ ZS5 (Quad Driver)

Price: 3800 PKR

KZ ZS5 is one of the best offerings from KZ. Some of KZ earphones have so sharp and irritating highs that it is hard to recommend to everyone but that’s not the case with KZ ZS5.

The special feature with this earphone is that is it has 4 drivers. Yes, a Quad Driver earphones in this price range. There are 2 Balanced Armature Drivers for lows and lower Mids and 2 Dynamic Drivers for Upper Mids and Highs.

These earphones have almost the same design as any other KZ earbuds but the earphone head is made of metal to provide a premium look and feel.

It has the same detachable cable that you can use in any KZ earphones. The cable can also be bought separately if yours stopped working.

Furthermore, you can even buy a cable with Bluetooth connectivity to make any KZ earphones wireless. This is unique only to KZ earphones for now.

KZ ZS5 (2nd best earphone in 5000rs Pakistan)-whaddafudge

Sound Signature:

The same V-Shaped sound signature found in most of the KZ earphones. The highs are controlled and very bright. The Mids are good, providing clear vocals and no bass bleeding.

The bass is really good. These earphones have the highest bass of any earphones on this list without applying Equalizer.

Sound Quality: 9.5/10
Durability: 8.5/10
Build Quality: 8/10
Value for Money: 10/10
Overall Score: 9/10

Where to Buy:

AliExpress KZ Official Store Link

AliExpress Seller Link

AliExpress KZ Bluetooth Cable Link

Daraz KZ Bluetooth Cable

1) Xiaomi MI Pro HD (Triple Driver)

Price: 4500

These earphones has been around for a while and most of the people do not even the worth of this gem. These earphones are easily the best in 5000 Rs in Pakistan.

Also check out our List of Best Earphones in 3000 PKR.

Not just in Pakistan, these earphones have been praised by international Blog and Youtubers too. When you put them on for the first time, the difference in sound clarity is noticeable for anyone.

These are triple driver earphones with two Balanced Armature Driver and one Dynamic Driver. This combination alone should tell you that the bass is not going to be very good.

The packaging is amazing, it feels like you have bought a premium product, unlike Skullcandy and JBL packaging which sucks.

Xiaomi Mi Pro HD (1st and top earphone in pakistan in 5000rs)-whaddafudge

The headphones are made of metal with great finishing. the only thing lacking in their build quality is a braided cable. But the durability is pretty good.

My pair has been with me for around 2 and a half years now and they are still going strong. Even after 2 years, I still can’t find any earphones that would beat these in sound quality, build quality, and design.

Note: Some sellers are selling copies or fakes of these earphones for the full price too. Watch this video below from Youtube to avoid yourself from getting scammed. So Please don’t buy these earphones for 2200 rupees on Daraz. Only Buy from original sources.

Sound Signature:

The Sound signature is a slightly V-shaped curve with very good Mids. The Highs are very pleasant and clear. Though at around 20k frequency, the highs become piercing (Cymbals are at 20k frequencies).

The Guitars strings sound so amazing that you can hear each and every string separate tune.

We have reviewed these earphones in detail here:
Xiaomi MI Pro HD Full Review

The Mids are surprisingly the best I have heard on an earphone of this price. The bass is not emphasized on these earphones. You can tune this in equalizer and these earphones have a decent response to equalization.

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This is not for bass-heads at all. But that’s not to say these earphones have not bass. The bass response is amazing, it will feel boomy when there is a need to. The bass is so clear that you will understand what the artist wanted you to hear instead of just adding boom for no reason.

These earphones are all about Sound Clarity. But the lower Mids are amazing. You can hear background vocals very clearly too.

Sound Quality: 10/10
Durability: 9/10
Build Quality: 9.5/10
Value for Money: 10/10

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Where to Buy: Link Link

AliExpress Xiaomi Official Store

Earphones Fit is Important:

This is a really important matter that a lot of people skip in their reviews. If an earphone do not fit your ears, you are not going to get the exact frequency response and sound quality.

Try to use the earphone before buying it if it possible for you. If not, try all of the earbuds that come with the earphones and try to insert the earphones as deep into your ear canal as possible.

How did we Review these Earphones?

We reviewed the earphones ourselves first. Then watched all of the videos available on Youtube, Amazon Reviews, Banggood reviews from customers, and read some Blogs too to make ratings according to them too.

The Durability of each earphone is based on the ratings on the Amazon, eBay, Banggood, and other marketplaces. Since there is no way to test that ourselves. Even if we did, the sample rate would be low.

What do these terms mean?

Sound Quality:

The sound quality contains three different frequency components;

  1. High frequencies
  2. Mid frequencies,
  3. Low frequencies

An ideal earphone would produce all of these different frequencies without suppressing any frequencies.

That being said, you do not need to worry a lot about frequencies as we are reviewing budget earphones in Pakistan. Still, average consumers can get a bit nerdy too sometimes.

To keep this simple I would give you examples of sounds for all these frequencies.

High: The violin, flute, guitar, plates, and some female vocals are some examples of the high-frequency sounds.

Mid: A few examples of these sounds are violins, vocals, cello, oboe.

Low: Any type of bass in the music that can be felt or heard.

Build Quality:

This tells us if the earphone has been built well. Would it endure stretches, falling, and rough use. For instance, earphone manufacturers use braided cables nowadays to make the build quality better.

Basically, to analyze the earphone physically and deciding whether the good quality and sturdy materials have been used to build the earphone.


This is simple. Durability is how long an earphone will last.

We have given a durability score to each earphone by searching on all the famous websites. The websites include Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Banggood, Best Buy, and even souq.

Further, we read reviews from other blogs and Youtube videos.

Value for Money:

The “value for the money” term just represents if the product is worth equal to or more than its price.

To be honest, value for money should always be a higher number. Especially when you are on a budget for earphones and in Pakistan (Where everything is expensive due to rupee depreciation against the dollar).

This value for money is again the average of our score and the averages of scores available on the internet by customers all over the world.

Overall Score:

The overall score is just the average of the scores of Sound quality, Build quality, durability, value for money. Just add all four scores and divide them by 40.


In the end, everyone has different needs. But whatever you end up from this list. We are sure you will like it.

These are the earphones that anyone could buy without thinking; Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2, Sony MDR-EX255AP, and KZ ZS5.

I didn’t say Mi Pro HD because not everyone has a perfect fit for those earphones and the others are either poorly built or do not have a lot of value for money.

If you want a detailed review of any earphone from the list. Just let us know in the comments.
If you are interested in looking at a detailed review by us. Check the review of Xiaomi HD Pro.

Which earphones did you like the most?
Tell us in the comments.

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