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Skullcandy JIB Wireless Review

Skullcandy is one of the most popular brands in audio accessories. They have a considerate amount of market share in the audio industry. We had a chance to review these Skullcandy JIB Wireless Bluetooth earphones. These earphones are fairly popular. They have various choices for colors and all of them look stunning and vibrant.


The earphones have very simple packaging. It felt a bit disappointing because the competitive brands have a better presentation at this price. The content of the box includes:

  • USB-A to micro USB(charging cable)
  • Extra pair of buds
  • Instruction Manual

Build Quality:

The earphones are all made from plastic. The charging dock, button, and earbuds are all made from plastic. The wire feels very thin and susceptible to break. The button felt wonky. The build quality overall feels very unimpressive for the price.


Speaking of comfort, the earphones felt adequately comfortable. They are comfortable for listening to multiple hours. The extra buds provided in the box are just one size. Therefore, your experience may vary depending upon the size of the ear. It fit into my ear perfectly and had enjoyable listening sessions. However, the battery dock is big and can be an annoyance for sports use. The earphones have pretty strong bass, therefore, there are chances of fatigue after long music session sometimes. Overall, the earphones are decently comfortable.

Sound Quality:

Like our other reviews, the sound quality section is further divided into three categories. Likewise, the song choices will also be exactly similar to the Mi Pro HD review. If you haven’t checked that review already, please follow this link:

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High Frequencies:

The earphones are not the best when it comes to representation of high-frequency sounds. They happen to lack details sometimes. The guitar and violin sound sometimes dull. The guitar details in ‘Photograph’ sounded a bit suppressed. ‘Let Her Go’ sounded surprisingly pleasant with a decent representation of guitar and violin across the board. ‘Starboy’ has this beautiful accordion sounds that felt kind of suppressed with other sounds. ‘Numb’ had these missing instruments but the experience overall was very pleasant. ‘Alone’ sounded great with good enough high-frequency details.

Mid Frequencies:

These earphones did a surprisingly decent job of representing mids. The background vocals and piano sounds in ‘Photograph’ sounded good on the earphones. ‘Let Her Go’ sounded great with strong enough mid-level details. ‘Starboy’ background piano notes were decently noticeable. ‘Numb’ represents so many types of sounds that can get blended sometimes. Not to mention, earphone drivers are pretty small to represent the wider dynamic range of headphones. It’s maybe earphones to blame that have so many frequencies to showcase from tiny driver size. , ‘Alone’ does not really represent a lot of mid-range sounds, but it sounded great.

Low Frequencies:

Speaking of bass and low-frequency range, the earphones sound really impressive. These earphones should definitely suit perfectly for bass heads. As a result, ‘Starboy’ and ‘Alone’ being EDM sounded pleasant with satisfying bass. The bass present is of sufficient amount and not to the point of overbearing. Pop, EDM and Hip Hop sounds great on these earphones.

Microphone Quality:


The pairing of earphones for the first time seems easy but it felt a bit slow. Turning it on and then keep pressing the button for a short while actives pairing mode. Once connected, they pair fairly fast. There’s a bit of hassle when the Bluetooth on the other device is turned ON first and later on Skullcandy Jib Wireless. It works perfectly with earphones turned ON first then the Bluetooth of the other device turned ON later. They do not automatically turn off for power saving when paired to a device. They can connect with up to 2 devices at an instance. Overall, the earphones connect pretty seamlessly once paired with your device.

Sound Leaking and Isolation:

Speaking of Sound Leakage, the Skullcandy JiB Wireless does a great job of keeping the environment silent. The sound leakage is very little as compared to Mi Pro HD reviewed earlier. The other person wasn’t really able to hear the sounds produced by earphones. For public listening, they are almost perfect.

Above all, the earphones did a great job of covering outside noises. It is definitely one of the strong suits for these earphones.

Battery Life:

Battery life is average considering earphones battery life on the earphones has been improved considerably these days. These have up to 6 hours of battery life rating. In our testing, these earphones made it to almost 5 hours. The battery life varies depending upon the volume and range. They take a surprisingly long time to charge(around 2 hours) even though battery life is fairly average. They charge through Micro-USB, but we would’ve like to see USB-C in this price range. Certainly, not the best battery life but it does the job.


The price of the Skullcandy JIB Wireless is around 4900-5500(RS) or 18-20($)


The earphones produce a decent quality of sound. They feel really well suited towards bass-heavy genres. Therefore, Bass heads should be satisfied because there is a decent amount of punch and deep bass. Even, the other genres sounded decent across the board. But the major caveats being much pricier and cheap build quality concludes to no recommendation from our side.


  • Impressive Bass Response.
  • Good Sound Quality.
  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • Very good noise isolation.
  • Low sound leak.
  • Easy Pairing


  • Highs could be better.
  • Cheap Build Quality.
  • The price is high.
  • Battery life could be better.
  • Charging takes around 2 hours.

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